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Transform plain text into powerful Excel formulas effortlessly inside your Browser!

No need to google formulas for hours. Try Excelly-AI now with 5 free formulas per month!

Generate Formulas

Generate any formula you like - we support both Excel and Google Sheets. Excelly-AI will also give you an explanation for every generated formula.


Upload your own *.xlsx files

With Excelly-AI, you can generate formulas based on your very own spreadsheets. Instead of writing "Sum of all values in A where B is 3", you can write meaningful prompts like "Sum of all sales of customer John Appleseed"

Explain Formulas

Let Excelly-AI explain complex formulas for you.


Generate VBA

Let Excelly-AI generate any VBA formula for you in an instant.

Transform Formulas

Transform any Excel formula into a Google Sheet formula and vice versa.


Slack Support

Want to enable Excelly-AI for your whole team? Just use our Slack integration to improve your productivity company-wide. If you do not use Slack, you can just use Excelly-AI directly in your browser.


Brand new Technology for complex formulas

Unlike other tools, Excelly-AI enables you to compute even the most complicated formulas using the newest technology!


Support for Excel, Google Sheets and VBA

Whether you use Excel, Google Sheets or both: Excelly-AI is the right tool for you!


Column schema specification and *.xlsx upload

In contrast to other tools, Excelly-AI takes into account the column schema of your individual spreadsheet. Instead of writing "Give me the average of all values in column C, divided by the associated value in column D", you can write meaningful prompts "Give me the average item price"

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Excelly-AI works for teams of any size.

Due to its Slack integration, your company-wide Excel and Google Sheets knowledge base is improved in just one click. Try Excelly-AI for free now!